Megaman Remix


Megaman Remix is a fan game that was developed in the Unity3D game engine, with the goal of creating a truly endless Megaman gaming experience from scratch.  The project was lead by D-Rock as lead programmer and concept artist, with Crazy Phil working on custom sprite artwork for enemies and background tilesets, as well as quality assurance testing.

Fun Fact:  Megaman Remix is a continuation of a project originally intended to be developed with Multimedia Fusion, known as Megaman Evolution (not to be confused with the one by Perenium Entertainment Software, whom actually reached out to us about using the name for their project when we stopped development many years ago).

Play as Megaman (MM9 / MM10 style), and take on eight brand new robot masters in a completely randomized order, at the end of 30 screens, that are generated from 52 potential screens, randomly stuck together by our level generator.  Listen to hand-selected music tracks from past Megaman games, implemented to play during similarly themed environments.

From left to right: Furnace Man, Lumber Man, Snow Man, Disco Man, Necro Man, Surge Man, Sewage Man, and Punch Man.

Keyboard controls (can be changed on the launcher):

  • W A S D keys to Move
  • Left Mouse to Shoot (Fire 1)
  • Right Mouse to Jump (Fire 2)

Joystick supported!  Tested with USB NES controllers for the true classic experience.

Some menus require mouse and keyboard input.

Megaman Remix v1.0 BETA 1

Megaman Remix was developed for PC by the Marunowski Bros.